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The ONLY Foam Roller With Intense Heat
That Helps Relieve Sore Muscles Faster.

Approved by Physical Therapists

Advanced Deep-Heat Therapy

Heats Up Past 160° F

HotRock Foam Roller

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Ships in May 2020

Includes one SpeedHeatTM Bag
and one HotRock Roller


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Intense Heat Engineered
For Better Results

Heat and myofascial release improve mobility, decrease pain and soreness, assist in healing injuries and speed up recovery and relaxation.

“I really like using HotRock when working to improve mobility around my hips and knees. As a triathlete, mobility is critical for proper mechanics of running, swimming and biking. The heat is really soothing and combining it with foam rolling really works amazingly well.”

Jeremy Weinman, Amateur Triathlete

“As a pro athlete, my body’s health is critical to my performances and my livelihood. I highly recommend HotRock for any athlete looking to improve mobility and recovery from intense training. Plus, it just feels really good!”

Landen Lucas, Former Kansas Jawhawk and Current Professional Basketball Player

“I see a lot of patients with neck pain and headaches. I strongly encourage any of my patients to pick up a HotRock. I teach my patients how to do self-joint and soft tissue mobilizations with the heat going into their muscles. I love to use it on myself and I don’t even have neck pain.”

Dr. Robert, Chiropractor

“I participate in some fairly intense activity in CrossFit. The HotRock is great because not only does the foam get deep into my muscles, but it also delivers intense heat at the same time. This creates a lot of relaxation after my workouts and eases the soreness.”

James P, CrossFit Athlete

Heats Fast & Stays Hot

Unlike microwave-heated rollers that lose heat and can’t be regulated by the user, HotRock is the only advanced foam roller that heats up past 160° F in less than 4 minutes and stays that way.

Adjustable Heat

Use the built-in LCD control panel to adjust the temperature for your every need: lower heat for sensitive body parts or increased heat on muscles and joints for deeper therapy.

Perfect Mix of
Comfort & Pressure

Unlike one-layer rollers, the multilayer design of ABS plastic and EVA foam provides the perfect balance of deep pressure and soothing comfort.

Plugs in for
Constant Heat & Relief

The extra-long 9-ft power cord ensures you’ll get max heat in just minutes for as long as you want it while still being able to move around freely.

Get Quick Relief And
Long-Lasting Benefits

Heat and Myofascial Release helps do all of the following:

Help heal injured tissues

Massage muscles

Reduce pain

Prep muscles for physical activity

Improve sports performance

Alleviate chronic pain

Relieve stress

Relax muscles

Increase circulation

Improve range of motion

Decrease muscle spasms

Reduce recovery time

Stimulate body’s natural defence system

Reduce scar tissue

Improve neuromuscular efficiency

Release endorphins

Massage & Muscle Benefits

Soft tissue massage and muscle release helps improve tissue health and tolerance, aiding in recovery from endurance training to daily muscle aches.

Thermotherapy Benefits

Thermotherapy increases blood flow, providing proteins, nutrients & oxygen for faster, better healing, relaxation & restoration.

Heated SmartWire Technology

Lightweight & Portable

Extra-Long 9ft Power Cord

FDA Cleared & UL Certified*

Timer & Auto-Shutoff

LCD Temperature Controls

Max Temperature in Less Than 4-Minutes

Created by a Doctor of Physical Therapy

Created by a Doctor of Physical Therapy

“As an Orthopedic Manual, Manipulative Physical Therapist of 22 years, I created HotRock to perfectly blend intense heat and deep joint and soft tissue therapy.”

Dr. Tony Rocklin,, PT, DPT, COMT

Dr. Tony Rocklin PT, DPT, COMT began designing the perfect foam roller for his patients and athletes. High heat, temperature control and tissue depth were critical features he wanted the roller to possess in order to create the optimal amount of increased vasodilation, muscle relaxation and relief of soreness.

By engineering consistently high temperatures into HotRock, HotRock creates deep myofascial release and high temperatures which have been proven to improve mobility, decrease pain and soreness, assist
in injury healing and speeds up recovery and relaxation.

You Will be Purchasing HotRock on Indiegogo

We have chosen to crowdfund on Indiegogo to better speak with our customers, not because we need the funds in order to produce the product. This product is already in production. When you select a perk and back this campaign, you will be receiving a HotRock foam roller. We are guaranteeing its delivery.
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